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2019/2020 Self-designed Pathways

Our 2019/2020 graduates have created self-designed majors and minors, and many have also added pre-defined (traditional) courses of study into their pathways as well. Aimee Armosilla East Asian Cultural Studies Alexa Lidskin Multimodal Storytelling Fashion and Costume Development Amanda Hessey Visual Storytelling Amy Trinh Consumer Studies Art (trad) Chinese Andrea Oliande Integrated Marketing and Communications …

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Malory Henry '19

2018/2019 Self-Designed Majors & Pathways

2018/2019 graduates of the Whittier Scholars Program designed the following majors: Aaron Dodds Integrated Computer Science Alessandra Roggero Postcolonial Studies Alexandria Valenzuela Comparative Media Studies Daniel Bautista Film Business Delaney Buccellato-Ritchie Museum Studies Dennisa Gallegos Foundations of Criminal Justice Ethan Goffigon Anthropology of Leadership Julissa Del Rio Human Relations and Management Katherine Yeash Human Sustainability …

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2017/18 Self-Designed Majors & Pathways

2017/2018 graduates of the Whittier Scholars Program designed the following majors and minors: AMBER HERNANDEZ Educational Policy and Development ANDY BERTELSEN Environmental Anthropology AUBREY BANG-GUERIN Film and Media Studies CHARLES CRAFT Game Design and Muitmedia Production CHARLES NEWMAN Cross-cultural Leadership and Ethics DAVID CASTRO-JIMENEZ Digital Sport Marketing EIGORO AKAI Film and Media Production ERIC O’BRIEN …

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