Whittier Scholars Ambassadors

The WSP student ambassadors’ goal is to serve as the liaison between the program’s faculty and students. Feel free to reach out to them with questions, concerns, or just to get to know fellow students. They are here to help you!

Meet the 2020/21 Ambassador Team

 Allison Willrich – Second Year
WSP Major: Public Relations and Advertising
Interests: Business, Writing, and Art (Graphic Design)
Activities on Campus: String Ensemble


Bela Vargas — Fourth Year
WSP Major: Business and Global relations with a minor in Journalism
Interests: Reading, writing, traveling
Activities on Campus: Women’s soccer team, Phonathon, Whittier Scholars Council 

Madeline Acosta — Second Year
WSP Major: BioMedical Software
Interests: Biology, Computer Science, and Pre-Med.
Activities on Campus: Volleyball Club, E-Sports Club, Pre-Med Club and Computer Science Club

Madeleine Romanelli — Fourth Year
WSP Major: Social Marketing Practices
Interests: Hiking, Traveling, Horseback riding
Activities on Campus: WSP Council, English Literacy Tutor


Noah Wilson
WSPMajor: Computer Science
Interests: Science Fiction, Tech, Mango Ice Cream
Activities on Campus: WSP Council, Web Developer, Computer Science Club