Malory Henry '19
Malory Henry '19, receiving honors.

2018/2019 graduates of the Whittier Scholars Program designed the following majors:

Aaron DoddsIntegrated Computer Science
Alessandra RoggeroPostcolonial Studies
Alexandria ValenzuelaComparative Media Studies
Daniel BautistaFilm Business
Delaney Buccellato-RitchieMuseum Studies
Dennisa GallegosFoundations of Criminal Justice
Ethan GoffigonAnthropology of Leadership
Julissa Del RioHuman Relations and Management
Katherine YeashHuman Sustainability and Resource Management
Kelly SantosFilm Studies
Kevin WeissingerEmbodied Pedagogy and Performance
Lexie MeanorActuarial Science
Madison Crimi-DeMicheleEntertainment Media Management
Maeve BellCreative Writing, Music, and Media
Malory HenryMedical Anthropology
Maya EylonBiological Perspectives on Child Development
Mikaela MalsySustainable Development and Social Responsibility
Selena FregosoMusic Production and Marketing
Sheila SamsonJournalism, Sport, and Society
Tayler ScriberSociological Perspectives on Film
Tristan PuigFilm Production
Ty Mulinari-MossFilm Studies
Cameron Cruz
Hannah Joyce

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