The Educational Design Process

How does the individualized design process begin?
The Educational Design process lies at the heart of the Whittier Scholars Program. Each year, students participate in individualized mentoring checkpoints that focus on maximizing their college experience and connecting their choices to their evolving life and career goals. This post discusses the first stage of the process.
Beginning in WSP101, students envision goals by discovering more about their career and life interests. In WSP201, students select and plan the components of their education, including courses, majors/minors, studying away, internships, and other on- and off-campus experiences. At the end of WSP201, each student, with at least two faculty mentors, participates in a design charrette, an in-depth discussion of their plans, goals, and needs. This charrette yields a flexibile, individualized college plan that includes not only courses, majors and minors, but also ideas for fellowship opportunities to pursue as well as plans for “test driving” their education by studying abroad or completing internships or service learning experiences.

How to Schedule your Educational Design Charrette

Spring 2020 Educational Design Charrettes will take place between February 13 and Friday March 6. The Whittier Scholars Design Charrette is a one hour conversation between you and two faculty members based on the plan you create in your WSP201 class. Your plan must include 3-5 Educational Goals, course lists adding up to 120 credits and delineating your majors/minors, and a narrative that explains what you want to achieve. Appointments are first come first serve, and usually take a few days to confirm. So schedule now!
To schedule your meeting:
1. First, download your “Full Educational Design” from Dashboard. Click “My Data” and then “pdf” (see screenshot below).
2. Print out and complete the Spring 2020 Educational Design Meeting Scheduling Form  by selecting at least THREE hour-long meeting times that you are available based on the available slots. Provide a variety of days of the week and times of day.
3. If you want your advisor to attend as well, check the box and only indicate times that work for BOTH of you.
4. Attach your completed Scheduling Form along with the pdf of your Educational Design in an email to Joanna Diaz AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
Once your appointment is confirmed, you will receive additional information about how to prepare. Please remember to check your email for communications from And finally — as always — drop in if any of us can help you!