Recent Majors created by Whittier Scholars graduates

Students in the Whittier Scholars Program can design individualized majors and minors, as well as pursue any existing major at the College. Below is an alphabetical list of over 100 majors created and completed by 2014 – 2019 graduates. Many simultaneously completed secondary majors or minors in existing fields, or coursework preparatory for medical school or other post-graduate endeavors.

Individualized majors consist of 30-60 credits (usually 10-18 classes), with depth of study in at at least two fields. Majors must include coursework that develops proficiency in a methodology or theoretical paradigm that undergirds a sustained research or creative project, the senior capstone in the program.

Actuarial Science 

Advertising, Visual Media and Culture 

Anthropology of Leadership 

Art, Environment, Society 

Asian Studies 

Behavioral Studies in Economics 

Business and Media Arts 

Business of Sport 

Business Strategies in Film Production 

Chemical Biology 

Child Advocacy and Social Justice 

Cinematic Cultural Studies 

Communicating Faith 

Community Public Health and Advocacy 

Comparative Media Studies 

Computational Biomathematics 

Constructing Meaning Through the Lenses of Theatre and Film 

Consumer Psychology 

Contemporary American Studies 

Creative Marketing 

Creative Writing about Women & Religion 

Creative Writing, Music, and Media 

Critical Studies in Media Marketing 

Cross Cultural Leadership and Ethics 

Cultural Nutrition 

Developmental Biology 

Digital Marketing 

Digital Sport Marketing 

East Asian Studies 

Educational Policy and Development 

Embodied Pedagogy and Performance 

Entertainment Marketing 

Entertainment Media Management 

Environmental Journalism 

Environmental Anthropology 

Ethical Practices in Healthcare 

Feminist Perspectives on Resource Allocation and Access 

Feminist Spiritualities 

Feminist Studies as Liberation 

Film Aesthetics 

Film and Creative Writing 

Film and Media Production 

Film and Media Production1 

Film and Media Studies 

Film and Media Studies1 

Film Business 

Film Production 

Film Production1 

Film Studies 

Foundations of Criminal Justice 

Game Design and Multimedia Production 

Gender and Identity Studies 

Gender and Journalism 

Global Cinema 

Global Governance and Integration 

Global Health Studies 

Global Marketing 

Global Sports Marketing 

Health Culture and Community Advocacy 

Holistic Health 

Human Relations and Management Major 

Human Sustainability and Resource Management 

Human Wellness 

Institutions and Social Justice 

Integrative Perspectives on Leadership 

International Child Welfare and Advocacy 

International Political Culture 

Journalism and Digital Media Studies 

Journalism, Sport, and Society 

Latin American Culture and Literature 

Latino and Asian Studies 

Latino and Inequality Studies 

Leadership and the Narrative Arts 

Marketing and Leadership 

Marketing Communications 

Marketing, Media, and Ministry 

Medical Anthropology 

Modern European Studies 

Modern Human Nature 

Multimedia Communication 

Music Business 

Music in Film 

Music Production and Marketing 

Narrative Filmmaking 


Pacific Rim Film Production 

Performance Management 

Performance Studies 

Perspectives on Childhood 

Postcolonial Studies 

Recording Culture 

Restorative Justice 

Social and Political Theory and Application 

Social Welfare Policy 

Socially Responsible Leadership 

Sociological Approaches to Education Policy 

Sociological Perspectives on Film 

Spanish Culture in Sports 

Sports and Marketing 

Sports in Society 

Sports Marketing 

Sports Marketing1 

Storytelling and Spirituality 

Studies in Post- Conflict Reconciliation 

Studies of Casting 

Sustainable Business and Social Identity 

Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility 

The Business of Environmental Sustainability 

Transcultural Media Studies 

Urban Community Studies 

Urban Management 

Visual Art and Media Marketing 

Visual Expression and Children’s Mental Well-Being 

Writing for Multimedia 

Writing Worlds