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How to Schedule your Educational Design Charrette

The Educational Design Process How does the individualized design process begin? The Educational Design process lies at the heart of the Whittier Scholars Program. Each year, students participate in individualized mentoring checkpoints that focus on maximizing their college experience and connecting their choices to their evolving life and career goals. This post discusses the first stage …

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Scholars in the World

All students in the Whittier Scholars program integrate at least one “off-campus experience” into their individualized pathway toward graduation. Students undertake internships in their planned fields of work, intensive research experiences either in the United States or abroad, the engage in community-based learning where they put their skills to use helping nonprofits, or they study …

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smiling student in the lab

Maya Eylon ’19 publishes research into autism

Between her junior and senior years, Eylon joined an international team of scientists in Israel for a summer-long research project studying the endocannabinoid levels in children with autism. Endocannabinoids play an important role in a diverse range of neurophysiological processes including neural development, neuroimmune function, synaptic plasticity, pain, reward and affective state. After she and …

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A Culture of Health: Herbal Remedies of the Peruvian Highlands

Author: Jarred Rimby, Whittier Scholar, 2017 Research Sponsors: Dr. Alvin Alejandrino, Biology Dr. Teresa Delfin, Anthropology Senior Project Abstract: At the core of social relationships in the Peruvian highlands is reciprocity, the giving and taking of mutual assistance. In Quecha, the native language spoken in the Peruvian highlands, many words are used to differentiate between …

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