Whittier Scholars Council

Whittier Scholars Council

The Whittier Scholars Council is the governing body of the Scholars Program, and meets weekly on Thursdays 12:30-1:20pm in Wardman Hall A. In addition to the Director,  Associate Director, and Coordinator, the Council includes current students and faculty members from each of the divisions of the College. The Council governs the policies and procedures for the Scholars Program. Faculty members generally serve at least one 3-year term beginning in fall, and student members generally serve a single 1-year term beginning in the Spring. Any Scholars student who has successfully defended an Educational Design is eligible for nomination to Council.

2018-19 Council

Faculty & Staff

Andrea Rehn, English, Director, Year 2
Ken Berthel, Modern Languages, Associate Director, Year 1
Joanna Diaz, Program Coordinator, Year 2
Bill Kronholm, Mathematics, Year 3
Cinzia Fissore, Environmental Science, Year 3
Deborah Norden, Political Science, Year 2
Joe Dmohowski, Library, Year 2
Kay Sanders, Education and Child Development, Year 2
Kristin Smirnov, Business, Year 1
Susana Santos, Institutional Research, Year 1


Kate Yeash, ’19
Malory Henry, ’19