Scholars Senior Projects (1978-present)

Scholars Senior Projects (1978-present)

We are excited to announce a digital archive of Scholars Senior Project abstracts. In the forty years of the program, more than 800 scholars have created art, films, research papers, business plans, theatrical events, and more. And for the past 40 years, these projects have been carefully preserved…but not very accessible. We are now in the process of creating a descriptive index of Whittier Scholars Senior Projects. We have nearly 450 to go, but that means that hundreds of projects have already been described!

Check back to find your project (and if you still have your abstract, please send it to us!) Scholars alumni interested in a volunteer archivist position, please get in touch.

To access our database of senior project titles, please click here.

Image: Scholar Sara Chiu ’17 presents her Senior Project.

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