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Senior Symposia

Abby Salmon Sports Data Analytics "Correlations Between Player Psychology and Performance" Scott Williams Global Resource Management "Water Usage and Allocation in the Jordan River Basin" Journee Bradford Business and Entertainment Management "Understanding the Business and Entertainment Industry Through Entrepreneurship" Claire Pelote Fashion Journalism "Sustainable Fashion" Madeleine Romanelli Social Marketing Practices "Essential Needs Inspire Essential Deeds: …

Senior Symposia


Jonakee Reynolds Entrepreneurship & Society "Difficulties of Innovation in Entrepreneurship" Andrew Gallegos Asian Langues & Marketing "Developing Inclusive Marketing Strategies for East Asian Airlines" Noah Wilson Computer Science "Don't Be An Internet Peasant" Olivia Cantrell Storytelling & Advocacy "Mental Health & Stigmatization: The Banality of Apathy" David Moreno Communication Design in Sport "Trashcans, Cameras, and …