Emotions through Art Zeneyda Flores

Emotions are feelings brought about due to situations, memories, or physical or emotional well-being. Our emotions sometimes determine how well we are coping, for example, many people can easily cope through stress, while others are falling under the pressure of stress. Through art, emotions can be easily conversed through paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, and even music. Art therapy has been known to help those find an outlet to express their feeling or to just help them connect to their creative side. An art therapists job is to help people cope with any mental, physical, or emotional problems through the use of art. Through art people may display emotions that they may be incapable of voicing and it may also help many find closure and comfort.


  1. Watch this video

2. Find a piece of paper to draw or doodle on. ( does not have to be a big drawing or of anything particular, just let your mind take control)

3. Be ready to discuss how you felt about the assignment and what emotions and feeling were brought about.



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